Drywall Installation Prices

Drywall Installation Prices

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Drywall is a lightweight, cost-efficient material that is used for most modern homes and buildings to serve as sturdy walls and ceilings. Unlike suspended ceiling installation it can be used even for basement ceilings. Your tries to create a budget for a remodel or new construction project can be a very difficult task, if you are not familiar with construction estimating. The only option in this case is to ask a contractor to quote a price and even then have no idea of whether the price is fair. This information should help the average person understand the costs associated with drywall installation.

Average cost for 2018 of typical drywall installation, as installing ceiling drywall, is about $1.50 per square foot. It includes all necessary materials, supplies and labour, required for performing the work. So, the average costs and materials associated with a basic project, like installation of ceiling drywall, would include:

  • drywall (quantity of panels, their size and thickness) and the materials (special 1 1/4″ drywall screws for framing, tape and the joint compound for drywall taping or mud required to complete the job). The cost for materials can be anywhere from 15 % to 50 % of the total project cost, depending on the size of the job.
  • the labour  and mobilization time (around 50% of the project is directed at the labour)
  • transportation and storing of materials
  • equipment costs
  • job site preparation (includes costs for protection of existing structures, components, materials).

Additional expenses may include the following factors:

  • specific shapes of your site ( curves, corners, arches)
  • working around cabinets and countertops in remodeling
  • smooth ceilings ( in reality texturing a ceiling costs less, as it is done in one coat after joints are taped)
  • your geographic accommodation (particular zip code can add 15% of average cost and even greater)
  • required finishes and textures (the total cost of your project can depend on quality of finishes, smoothened texture, gloss with high-quality fastening and various coatings of paint and materials).
  • replacing drywall cost (removing existing old drywall) and disposal fees
  • repairing any structural issues
  • final cleanup and disposal of waste
  • “The Uncertainty Factor” (work in a setting with a few subcontractors where the scope of work can sometimes shift). Some professionals generate estimates based on a set cost per square foot, and some base quotes on a combination of time required and the size of the job.

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