Dos and don’ts of remodeling your bathroom – Taking a measured step

Dos and don’ts of remodeling your bathroom – Taking a measured step

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If you can successfully remodel your bathroom like a pro, this will offer you more years of comfort and pleasure. But if you make a mistake and perform a job like an amateur, you will be reminded of your fault almost everyday. If you thought that remodeling a bathroom is an easy task and you don’t need to engage in enough planning, you’re mistaken. This is a tricky space and sadly there are several moving parts which are crammed within a footprint, not to mention the leaks that can lead to a flooded house.

Among the wide array of bathroom accessories Singapore that you get in the market, you have to ensure choosing the best countertop, the best sink and the best toilet for your space. Let’s check out the dos and don’ts of remodeling your bathroom.

The Good Ideas

  • Set a budget for the unexpected: One of the most common issues in bathrooms is a running toilet or a leaky shower. In case the floor seems wet all the time, this is a sign of serious damage. Before hiring a contractor, make sure he is experienced enough and his charges are within your budget.
  • Toilet should be hidden: A master bath which is functional and stylish can be discreet and this is why it’s perfect to hide the toilet. You can create a room inside a room or create a half wall to hide the portion of the toilet. This gives a clean look to your bathroom.
  • Choose worthy surfaces: The surface of the bathroom do more than just contributing the aesthetic of the place. Porcelain is a hot favorite among the designers and they can be used on the walls and floors. There are few versions which can give you a similar look as natural stone.
  • Spend wisely on a shower: People have recently begun to realize that bathtubs are rarely used. Hence, they are seen to be investing more on showerheads and showerstalls. People are even investing in body sprays and steam generators.
  • Provide enough light: There should be enough light as well as ventilation in the bathroom for adequate illumination in the room. Invest in a light fixture for general lighting and make sure they don’t cast shadows on your face.

Mistakes to avoid

  • Don’t hurry: Now that you’ve decided on the new bathroom, don’t think that you have to complete it by tomorrow. Invest enough time as hurrying will lead to poor planning and execution.
  • Don’t skimp on labor: Although you can save money by DIY projects, yet it is always advisable that you don’t skimp on labor. Seek help whenever needed.
  • Avoid buying online: If you don’t see the bathroom fixtures, don’t buy anything online as that would be a bad bet for money.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the different ways in which you can remodel your bathroom, you can take into account the above listed dos and don’ts so that you don’t go towards the wrong direction.

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