Different Ways to Use Wooden Blinds in the Home

Different Ways to Use Wooden Blinds in the Home

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Considering the many items of décor in the home, there are some that seem to get more attention and love than others. The lighting fixtures, carpets, rugs, shelving, bannisters, paintings and wall posters all seem to get a great deal of devotion when we shop. However, the wooden blinds tend to get purchased, installed and then are somehow forgotten about. These blinds seem to be there to perform a service and once up, we’re done with this beautiful decoration.

It is because of the practical side that we tend to overlook these slats. But there is still a big role for wooden blinds to play in making the home look and feel stylish and comfortable.

The feeling of warmth and a sense of invitation are qualities interior designers will readily say stems from the wooden blinds in the home. Wooden blinds have a timeless element to them, thanks to its natural and organic look.

Some homes were putting up wooden blinds as far back as a century ago. Yet somehow, these types of blinds have never been out of the popularity loop. The look will always be one of class and elegance. The versatility of wooden blinds knows few boundaries.

Wooden blinds work brilliantly with other wood elements in the home: shelving made from wooden beams may look a bit rustic, but when applied to a room with wooden blinds, the effect is natural, warm, sophisticated and a little magical.

Wooden blinds on those stairwell windows would go perfectly with a tree branch bannister. Finding a bannister that is long enough to be taken home, varnished and then installed along the staircase is not that difficult. Especially if you live close to a wood or forest.

Wooden blinds work wonders in the bedroom and if there are any paintings or posters, we have an idea of matching these items perfectly with the wooden blinds hanging in the room: use a wooden border around any posters or paintings and hang it close to where the window is. This will match beautifully with the wooden blinds and give an all-round rustic style to any bedroom.

Wooden blinds in the bedroom are where these décor items are utilized at their best. Wood blinds can block out sunlight more effectively than plastic slats and allow afternoon siesta sleepers a real chance to get some proper rest while the sun is blazing outside.

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