Creating a Home Office

Creating a Home Office

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If you work at home or you have to spend long time in the computer while you are at your place, it may be a wise idea to make your own home office. It is necessary if you make your living out of it because come on, having your computer in the living room is not the best option. Children making noise, people coming in and out all the time and other annoyances will make your working task even more difficult than it already is. So, in this post we will teach you the must-have elements for a fully functional home office.

First thing the computer table must be positioned near a window but in a way that sunlight will never reflect in your screen. Having light is very important when you are working because it will reduce your eye strain and will make you feel more comfortable but, if this light is reflecting in the screen is a problem. Consider this prior to install anything because it is the most important element for a home office. Next important fixture is a chair. Do not be stingy and buy a good one, you are likely to spend a lot of time sitting on it so, you’d better be comfortable. A good chair must have a good back support and let your feet touch the floor easily, it must be designed for office use and should be right for your body size. The back tension has to be low in order to let you recline slightly. Most office chairs come with adjustable height but it is also equally important you find them with adjustable arm rests if you are going to work in the computer.

Storage has to be managed with care because a messy office is an unproductive office. Purchase bins, cabinets or other means to store your stuff, and do it in a good amount. You may think you don’t need to store a lot of stuff but once you are working in the office, things appear out of nowhere and you need a place to store them. An office is not intended to be beautiful or, at least it should be more functional than beautiful so, even if you think filling your office with cabinets will make it look ugly, don’t hesitate. Do not forget to get stackable paper trays to organize your papers instead of having them laying around your desktop.

Electric cords are obtrusive and annoying when you see them around. Look for a good way to manage them like cord-snakes or cord-guards. There are other means to do so as well so, choose the most appropriate one for your needs but don’t let the cords hanging around.

A water dispenser is a must for a home office. Sure, you can go to the kitchen to get it but when you are working you need no distractions and going to the kitchen can be a big one. They are cheap and very handy.

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