Cozy Cabin Decorating Ideas: 4 Pieces That Are Stylish And Useful

Cozy Cabin Decorating Ideas: 4 Pieces That Are Stylish And Useful

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When you’re shopping for a family getaway, the word “cozy” is alluring. Instantly you start to picture family game night with everyone huddled around a rustic coffee table in front of the fireplace. The image is very cozy indeed. However, most people don’t realize just how cozy — code word for small — their new cabin really is until they start picking out rustic decor for the space. 

When decorating a small space, it’s vital that you pick pieces that can do double duty. The pieces you pick out have to bring an element of style to your space and also serve a useful purpose. Following are four pieces that are stylish and useful.

Pot Racks and Open Shelving

Pot racks and open shelving are ideal for a small kitchen in a cabin because they fit the rustic theme of the space. They also allow you to store lots of stuff without sacrificing much-needed space. What’s more, you can use this concept for just about anything you want to store in your kitchen, including pots, glasses, spices, and dry goods. When it comes to picking the right pieces, you will never go wrong with wood and/or iron. 

Accent Tables with Storage

When picking out surfaces for your new cabin — coffee table, end tables, and dining table — be sure to pick out pieces that give you extra storage. For example, a trunk is a great piece of rustic decor. It can be used as a coffee table or side table, and it offers lots of storage. One trunk can hold all of your games and puzzles that you’ll need for rainy days or several pillows and blankets for guests. 

Wall Decor and Cabinets

Remember, the goal is double duty. When you pick out items to hang on your wall, make sure they can serve double duty as well. Rather than hanging a simple mirror in your bathroom, choose one that also has shelves or one that’s mounted on a cabinet. Every piece of rustic decor that you pick out should also serve a practical function. If it doesn’t, you haven’t found the right piece yet. 

Baskets and Containers

Baskets and antique bins have a very rustic appeal. They are exceptionally useful as well. If you’re short on cabinet space in your bathroom, you can place towels and washcloths in a wooden basket. Small tins and bins are ideal for cosmetics and other odds and ends. Baskets are perfect for any space in your cabin. Don’t ever worry about having too many storage baskets.

Decorating a small rustic cabin can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. If you strive to select pieces that add to the rustic appeal of your cabin as well as serve a useful purpose, you will have the rustic decor you desire without feeling cramped or overcrowded. 

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