Common Pressure Washer Repair Problems

Common Pressure Washer Repair Problems

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Pressure washers have found wide applications in ensuring property cleanliness. Strategic parts of your home such as the sides or the fence around it can be cleared of debris or unwanted dirt with the use of a pressure washer. The efficiency of this tool can be greatly reduced if it’s not in good condition.So it is important to understand how to troubleshoot as well as repair this equipment to get maximum utility from it as an owner. There are many problems associated with pressure washers and below are some common issues.

#1:Running very rough

When the inlet water into a pressure washer is too hot, it can make the equipment to run faster than usual. You may say “I only use cold water” but have you considered the fact that water that is left in a hose exposed to sunlight for a long period of time can eventually become warm and affect the washer. Another cause of this problem is inadequate air access into the inlet plumbing. This cause “rough riding” and can damage this tool. So, ensure the air and water content is just enough to cause the needed pressure. But if everything is in check and the water is never hot, this fault can be as a result of a mechanical damage within your crankcase


When there is an issue of leakage, first consider the state of the seal. There’s a high probability that it is worn out. Check all the seals around the pressure washer at least twice per year and replace any faulty seal as soon as detected. It can just be a seal that failed,leading to leakage of even oil, not just water. Also broken or scored plungers as well as worn out packing can result in leakage especially when there is heavy use of the pressure washer.

#3:Regular pulse

This is commonly encountered when there is a blockage of the discharge valve or a dirty inlet. Pressure washing wooden materials can cause this blockage so it is usually advised to clean the aforementioned outlets after 5 to 6 times of usage. Splinters from hardwoods can clog up the system especially when high-pressure water streams are involved. Other causes of pulsating effect are faulty plungers even when discharge valves and the inlet is clean. A low pressure can worsen this problem.

#4:Shutting off

Don’t be too worried about this. Your machine is most likely out of fuel or oil. Modern pressure washers are built to withstand non-compliance to basic maintenance.So their engine and mechanical part stay intact even when you forget some basic conditions of usage.So when you experience a shut-off, check your oil or fuel and just refill.

The Pressure washer is very handy and efficient to take care of cleaning functions around your home. When it is properly maintained and cleaned, it can work effectively all year round to help our home look great and beautiful always. However, ensure you get your pressure washer from reputable suppliers like Unimanix to get the best out of your investment.

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