Choosing the Best Faucets for your Bathroom

Choosing the Best Faucets for your Bathroom

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New faucets provide a quick and simple way to give your bathroom a new look without spending a fortune. From the sleek and contemporary to the elegant and traditional, bathroom faucets are available in more styles than ever before, making it challenging to choose the right ones. Whether you’re creating a new bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite, or just updating the space, your choice of faucets can help to set the tone.

What to consider when choosing new Bathroom Faucets

When choosing new basin and bath faucets you will need to take into consideration the existing style of your bathroom – is it modern or traditional? Determining this will help you choose faucets that complement your bathroom scheme. When choosing sink faucets, take a look at the shape of your basin or sink – does it feature curved or geometric lines? Curved sinks look great with faucets that have rounded lines, while basins with square lines enhance faucets with geometric shapes.

It’s not just the style that you will need to think about, but the water pressure as well. The performance of your bathroom faucets depends on the water pressure system in your home, and whether or not they are compatible. You will be able to choose from the majority of bath faucets and sinkfaucets if you have a high pressure water system, but for low pressure systems your choice will be more limited.

Bathroom faucets are also available in various finishes including chrome, nickel, brushed steel and black. All faucets are constructed from solid brass so you can be assured of quality and durability.

Choosing Sink Faucets

The first to think about when choosing new sink faucets is to take a note of how many faucet holes the bathroom sink has. Sinks with one tap hole are designed for use with basin mixer faucets, which usually feature a single lever handle that controls both the flow and temperature of the water. There’s also mixer faucets with two handles and a single spout. Both types come in many styles to suit your exact tastes.

Basins with two faucet holes require a pair of sink faucets. One faucet is for the hot water and the other is for the cold water. They come in modern and traditional styles, and with various handle designs such as lever and crosshead.

The design of the spout is an important element too, as you will need to ensure you can wash your hands with ease. Look at the depth of your bathroom sink and take note of how far away the edge of the basin is from the faucet holes. Is the sink small or large, and is there any shelving or a cabinet above the sink that might make leaning over difficult.

Are you choosing new sink faucets for a bathroom that’s used on a daily basis, or is it located in a cloakroom that’s not used as often? These are also things that you need to think about to help you choose the right faucets.

Faucets with shorter spouts are better suited for use with compact basins, while faucets with a longer or higher spout are ideal for larger sinks.

If you want to create a luxury look, waterfall style faucets are a great option. These feature an open spout to create a relaxing waterfall effect.

Choosing a Basin Waste

The basin waste is another important element to think about as there’s a range of styles to choose from. The first thing you need to identify is if your basin or sink has an overflow hole. Basins with an overflow require a slotted waste, while those without will need an unslotted waste. Traditional basin pillar faucets can use a standard plug and chain waste, while mono basin faucets can be used with pop-up, push button or flip-top wastes.

Choosing Bath Faucets

You may find that your bath has between one and four faucet holes, so you’ll need to choose bath faucets that work with the number of faucet holes in the bath.

A bath with a single faucethole is designed for use with a bath mixer faucet, which has a single lever handle to control the flow and temperature of the water. The most common set-up is a two-faucet-hole bath, which means you can choose between bath pillar faucets or bath mixer faucets.

Bath mixer faucets are a popular choice as they offer improved flexibility, and are available with and without a hand shower, as well as an array of styles.

Bath mixer faucets and bath shower mixer faucets feature two handles; one to control the hot water and the other to control the cold water. The water is mixed and supplied to the bath via a single spout. Bath faucets with a shower attachment are ideal for families with young children.

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