Change your kid’s room to a tween’s room – Few smart basic ideas

Change your kid’s room to a tween’s room – Few smart basic ideas

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There are several transitions in life and if you’re a parent who is raising a tween, you will have first-hand experience on this. The bedroom that you carefully chose for your child is not appropriate according to the taste of the tween as his preferences have gone through a major overhaul with time. It is indeed a daunting task to redecorate a room to match it with the taste of your tween. You have to not only make it look interesting but you also have to use up the space and make it enjoyable for him. Here are few ideas to keep in mind.

  • Work along with each other

Both the tweens and parents will have disparate ideas on how they should make a room look perfect as per his age. When you work along with each other, this makes sure both parties are allowed to put in their suggestions, thereby building a space where everyone feels satisfied. Parents should not feel hesitated to leave in their budget limits so that their children know what to expect.

  • Plan the intricacies of the room

Once you’ve got some ideas on what you actually want from the room, it’s high time you start planning it. Choose ideas which are extremely appealing and write them. Choose specific things like the furniture, curtains or other decorations. Choose a new color for the room and make sure there’s enough space available according to the furniture that you buy.

  • Choose a theme

Before you take steps to create a new space, you might wish to choose a theme for your room. This is a great way of creating an interesting space which feels coherent and which brings forth a feeling or mood. Think of the things that you want to include in your new room. A theme has the capability of unifying the entire feel of the room as you can even base the theme on some favorite book of yours.

  • Reconsider your bed

Though you might enjoy watching movies, reading or hanging out in your bedroom, yet when you plan to rethink your bedroom, you should ditch the kids bed and now opt for a double size bed for you tween so that he not only has enough space for himself but also can accomodate guests whenever they come over. If you can add a canopy to your bed, this can alter the feeling of the room.

  • Get new furniture

Furniture that was once upon a time suitable for your child might no longer fit him when he is a tween. The style of the furniture might not be desirable by the tween any longer and hence it is high time you update. You can add bean bag chairs as this can add a comfortable touch to the room. Get a new desk and add multi-functional furniture.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the ways in which you can transform the room of your kid to that of a tween, you can take into account the above listed strategies.

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