Cabinet and Counter Top Options For Your Kitchen Remodel

Cabinet and Counter Top Options For Your Kitchen Remodel

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If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, you are in good company. The kitchen is among the most common types of home remodel projects because it is a room that everyone enjoys at various times of the day.  Making your kitchen more inviting and pleasant certainly benefits everyone; and if you ever decide to sell your home, you might come to find that this remodel added a few bucks to the resale value.

Still, remodeling your kitchen can also be pretty pricey.  There are a few ways you can reduce these costs, though, and still get the kinds of results you want.


Buying new kitchen cabinetry can be pricey.  This might be necessary if your wood kitchen cabinetry is very old or if they are outdated and out of style.  But if you have decent cabinets and they serve an efficient function you might find it better to simply resurface them instead of buying brand new ones.  A simple, but thorough, sanding with a new paint job or maybe some varnish (to preserve the wood) could be all that you really need. And if that is still not enough, consider replacing the hardware (new knobs) to add something new.

On the other hand, it is not a bad idea to replace your cabinets. This might, actually allow you to be more creative with your space. You could install different cabinets or shelves that make better use of the space, particularly under the counter tops.


Along with replacing (or, hopefully just resurfacing them) your cabinets, you should also consider the same with your counter tops.  Marble and granite, obviously, are very popular right now but they are also expensive, of course.  The past couple years, though, quartz has been the material of choice: it is stronger than granite, actually, and is also more resistant to scuffs and scratches and even burns.  And you have to seal granite every year; quartz does not need it.

If you want to add more counter space an excellent option for you might be to just bring in a kitchen island.  You can even get a mobile kitchen island that gives you yet more options.

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