Beds of all Types – 3 Tips for Back Pain Sufferers

Beds of all Types – 3 Tips for Back Pain Sufferers

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Back pain is a very common condition that can affect people of all ages. Today, more than five hundred million people worldwide are dealing with the problem. During the last two decades the UK has seen an average increase of 12% with the regards to the probability of suffering lower back pain and some level of disability because of it. Globally, that figure is quadrupled which tends to indicate in the UK we are getting something right. One definitive way to help lower back pain is buying a good bed.

1) A Natural Fit

Without doubt, sleeping on the wrong type of mattress can actually worsen back pain. When it comes to the “perfect mattress” the primary goal is to choose one that fits your natural sleeping posture. Ergonomic and memory foam mattresses provide a solid solution to this as they promote a good sleep posture and so help to relax the muscles, which will help to get that all important good night’s sleep.

2) Hard is Not Always Best

The position you tend to sleep in is another consideration. For those who sleep on the back a very hard mattress would push against the spine too hard and cause pain. Of course, too soft and there will not be enough support. A medium-firm mattress than contours the body and gives enough support to avoid sinking into it is the best choice. For side-sleepers it is important that the mattress is soft enough to provide cushioning around the hips and shoulder areas, so should “give” a little and have good padding. For those who sleep on their stomachs, a firmer mattress gives them the support they need to literally “keep them afloat”.

3) Memory Foam – The Ideal?

Most experts will say that a good quality memory foam mattress is hard to beat for anyone with back pain. Too much movement can antagonise a back problem. Memory foam literally isolates any movement and give the correct level of firmness without the “push”.   There are different levels of memory foam available (soft, medium to firm) so it is possible to pick the one that will suit your sleeping style perfectly.

There are beds of all types available today: You will discover a whole new world Regardless of the frame style, the mattress should be a primary consideration. If the mattress is too hard it will cause pressure on sensitive areas and even push the body out of alignment. Too soft and the whole body sinks in and again causes pain. Spanish Research used a ten point scale representing hard to soft. Results indicated that a medium to firm mattress (around 5.6 on the scale) suited most and resulted in less back pain – particularly in comparison to soft mattresses which seem to be the biggest culprits with regards to back pain. Bottom line? The best mattress is the one that supports your natural posture and is neither to hard or too soft – Straight down the middle might well be the best solution.

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