Basement Home Office

Basement Home Office

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The basement is often ruled out when considering the location for a home office. However, with the right design and furniture a basement can provide an accessible work space that is free from noise, disturbance and distraction. Dynamic Basement Renovations can help create a space great for home office.


Your home office should serve as a source of inspiration and this should be reflected in its design.  Neutrals and light colors are ideal for office spaces because they do not interfere with the sense of thought. You can also include blue tones for your office walls too, as they inspire a feeling of effectiveness and calmness.

Chalkboard walls should also be considered if you desire extra workspace and a creative work environment. However for creative walls that is not intended to be long lasting, opt for large corkboards instead.

If you prefer not to convert the entire basement to a home office due to its large size, you can achieve a demarcation by using additional interior walls if you envisage a closed office room for the utmost degree of privacy. However, if you desire privacy without being entirely closed off in your space, consider large double doors that meet at the corner instead.


Your home office floor should be polished and comfortable. Like normal basement flooring there are a number of options to consider. If you desire a traditional outlook for your home office, then go for hardwood floors. For a classic design with more durability, you should opt for engineered wood or laminate flooring. If you crave the comfort of a carpet without the possibility of harboring mildew or moulds, Area rugs placed over hardwood or laminated flooring is the perfect solution


The office desk is the most significant piece of furniture for your home office. The desk should be chosen carefully to provide motivation and inspiration to work. Opt for a clean white design for a blank canvas effect that inspires creativity. It also fits nicely with any color in your office

A lucid acrylic desk design is best for a minimalist office; you can enjoy an open and brighter office space because it allows the passage of light. A large conventional wood desk will suit a classic office design. When used in combination with a built in cabinet system, the product is a truly elegant home office.

The Chairs for your office may or may not have wheels but it should complement the desk and be very comfortable too. Your comfort shouldn’t be compromised, after all that’s why you are working from home.

Wow Factor

Good Lighting can give your office a more relaxing and productive feel. Even though natural light is the best for offices, basements are typically dark so you may have to settle for mild white lights to illuminate your work space. Refrain from using very bright lights as they can be too harsh on the eyes thereby causing undesired effects.

You can also use overhead lights that come with dimmers to avoid the harshness that comes with task lights. If you wish to combine orderliness and style, beautify your space with pegboards. They are available in various hole sizes that can accommodate different peg sizes. These pegs are used to support baskets or shelves anywhere on the wall.

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