9 Great guest bedroom design ideas

9 Great guest bedroom design ideas

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If you don’t currently have a guest bedroom available for visiting family and friends, but have always wanted one – or, if you have a space you call a guest bedroom, but you know it could be better – read on. We have some guest bedroom design ideas that might inspire you.

First, consider the space for your guest bedroom – if you already have a room but just need to spruce it up, great. If you need a little construction, determine where the room is going to go – a corner of the basement, covering a back porch or deck, or blocking off some of a big den are possible ideas. One note here – make sure you include bathroom facilities in close proximity – guests appreciate their own space.

Once you’ve determined the guest bedroom space, think about how you want it to look. You want the decor to be somewhat in line with the rest of your house, and you want it to reflect your style. One great idea is to incorporate some of the feel of what your outdoor space is like – if you live at the beach, maybe a coastal color and design palette works, or go earthy if you live in the mountains.

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Keep the wall color simple and soothing – this isn’t the place to go crazy with stencils and special paint effects. You want your guests to be comfortable and soothed when they enter the room, so colors that are neutral or soft in the white, taupe, gold, blue, or green ranges usually work well.

With flooring, you might want to go with hardwood and a couple of rugs for both style and ease of cleaning. Layered rugs are trending right now and look great with most decors. Take the look and feel of the floor up into the furniture selection. You want sturdy furniture – again reflective of your overall home’s style and nothing sticking out to injure your guest or that they could break.

Just a basic selection of furniture works best – bed, nightstand with lamp, dresser or chest of drawers, a relaxation chair or lounge, and a simple, slender desk-style table with chair work great. Add a hassock or poof for the relaxation chair for added luxury.

Mount the TV on the wall if at all possible and eliminate the need for a TV stand. And to keep things comfortable temperature-wise, install a ceiling fan.

Make sure the closet has room for both clothes they bring and extra bed linens, pillows, and bath towels – give them the things they need in their own space. Placing a hotel-style luggage rack in the closet or nearby is convenient and appreciated.

Make sure the space is completely uncluttered and clean – no dust bunnies should show up in this room, and you want to keep your decor simple like your color palette – framed art or pictures, pottery bowls or sculpture, a mirror, and maybe a plant or two will keep things looking sharp.

Set a water carafe with overturned glass by the bed, add guest towels and toiletries in the bath – perhaps including fresh toothpaste and an unopened toothbrush and you will have guests ooooing and ahhhing when they visit.
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