8 Easy and Simple Landscaping Tips for Beginners

8 Easy and Simple Landscaping Tips for Beginners

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While your best decision would be is to get expert gardeners do your landscaping of your home, it’s perfectly ok to learn the basics of landscaping before engaging landscapers Houston experts for advanced landscaping work. Landscaping is an art, and if you’re the artist type, you can learn to do landscaping as a hobby. Also, if you intend to sell your home in the future, a landscaped exterior will boost the price of your property.

Here are eight tips you should apply as you learn simple landscaping techniques for your home.

Choose a highlight

Your front or backyard should have a highlight that everyone will marvel at. This could be a flower bed, a gazebo, sculpture, or a vibrant-colored plant. Choose the one that will fit nicely to your home’s features. You can then use a series of bright flowers to be planted around your chosen highlight.

Sketch out a plan

Explore your home and then plan out how you want your landscaping to look like. What plants will you look to buy? What tools will you need? How much is the total costs and will your budget allow for it? Design your plan based on the budget you have available for your landscaping project.

Take into account nature’s patterns

This means observing how the wind and sun patterns are generally like in your area. You want to know where the morning and afternoon sun are so that you can figure out where to place your patio. Also, you want to know the wind patterns because if you want a bbq area in your space, too much wind will extinguish the flames you will be using.

Take your time

There is no rush to do a quick makeover of your outside. Give time to see how your ideas develop. Let the plants grow and beautify your landscape. Don’t take shortcuts as it will create a sloppy looking design and don’t get overwhelmed by thinking of everything that needs to be done in your landscaping plan.

If your budget is small, start small as well. Use simple design and inexpensive plants and accessories. Choose only a small area of your home to be landscape. Eventually, your budget and knowledge will grow and then you can do more ambitious landscaping projects.

Choose colorful and bright borders for the yard

Having colorful and bright borders will make your yard stand out. Select colorful flowers that will make the entrance of your home leave a strong imprint on your visitors.

Use gravel to fill the sides of your driveway

This is a great strategy to give you a clean landscape with the added advantage of not needing to have regular watering or weeding in your driveway.

Choose plants and flowers that are easy to plant

Avoid complicated plants and flowers to use if you’re just starting out. They are difficult to plant and require high maintenance.

Choose the simpler ones such as currants, Juniper, Butterfly weed, and bee balm.

Water the plants regularly

One easy way to check if your plants need watering is to feel the top 6 inches of soil of in-ground plants. Time to water it if it’s dry. If you have potted plants, observe the top two inches to determine if they need watering already.

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