8 Burglary Tricks You Need To Look Out For

8 Burglary Tricks You Need To Look Out For

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Burglars are among the slyest criminals out there. Where they lack in aggression they make up for in burglary tips and tricks. These allow them not only to identify vulnerable homes but also to plan and execute heists. Below are 8 tricks they use that you as the home owner need to keep an eye out for.

  1. Surveillance

Before a burglar commits the crime, he or she will probably spend a few days and at times even weeks watching the home and the neighborhood. This allows them to learn your patterns and those of your neighbors. That way, they are able to identify when your home is most vulnerable. In this case, do not expect something as conspicuous as an odd car off the street; although this does happen. Sometimes it might be in the form of a stranger jogging through your neighborhood or even someone doing a door to door survey.

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  1. Home marking

Another one of the most common burglary tips and tricks homeowners need to be aware of is marking of homes. In this case, after a burglar has cased and robbed your home, they may leave symbols nearby for other criminals. These are meant to give them information on anything from the level of security to the number of occupants. It is important to identify and get rid of these if they are left at your home for your safety.

  1. Following package delivery crews

This is a fairly new trick used by burglars to identify homes where owners are away. Homes where packages are left on the front doorsteps are usually unoccupied and thus stand out to the burglar. In this case, your best option is to have the package held at the offices or delivered elsewhere.

  1. Fake deliveries

Some burglars take the delivery stunt to the next level and pose as actual delivery agents. In this case, they go from home to home with deliveries to ambiguous addresses or individuals. This gives them an excuse to peep through see through doors and windows allowing them to get an idea of what are inside the home. It also allows them to identify empty homes.

  1. Taking advantage of power interruptions

Blackouts are a dream comes true for all burglars for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that these power interruptions leave things like security cameras and alarm systems offline. This makes it easy for the burglars to gain access both at night and during the day. With night time blackouts, burglars also get to enjoy the cover of darkness. This allows them to go about their business undetected and undisturbed. In this case, there are two solutions. The first is to invest in a power backup system with generators that keep your house lit and your security systems powered. Another simpler solution is investing in battery powered security components. These continue to function even in the event that there is some sort of power interruption.

  1. Social network trolling

When you are away on holiday, it is hard to resist the temptation of documenting your adventures and sharing them on social media. This might be simple harmless fun but it increases your chances of being a victim of burglary. These days, burglars are taking up social media trolling to track home owners. The updates allow them to confirm the fact that you are away and that they will be able to carry on uninterrupted. To be on the safe side, secure your accounts by limiting visibility to strangers.

  1. Dumpster diving

Another dirty burglary trick to look out for is dumpster diving. In this case, throwing out copies of important documents could cause you trouble. Burglars go through trash looking for things like credit card records and other documents that would give them an idea of what is inside your home. To protect yourself, burn or shred documents instead of throwing them out whole with the rest of the trash.

  1. Using insiders for information

Finally, you need to be aware of the risk of insider involvement in burglary attacks. The thieves use people like gardeners, housekeepers and even handymen to get information on you and your property. It is therefore very important to keep your valuables hidden even from those you think you can trust. It is also important in this case to be flexible and a little unpredictable in terms of daily schedules.

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