6 exciting ways to use a food processor

6 exciting ways to use a food processor

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Food is heaven. Yes, we all love food so much. Most of the people for this reason have a passion for cooking. With the right ingredients and the right apparatus, people can cook delicacies that will remain etched in your mind and tongue forever.

A survey was conducted where people who cook regularly were targeted and asked which is the most utility and must have appliance that a person must have in the kitchen. About 80 per cent of the people chose a food processor and this is because you can do almost anything and everything with a single food processor.

Whether you use a singer food processor or any other food processor, the possibilities of what all you can do with the help of a food processor are endless.

Here are 6 exciting ways in which you can use your food processor:

  1. Grinding meat- One of the best parts of the food processor is its stability. It is able to grind not just vegetables but meat as well. Depending on how fine you want your meat to be, you can grind it for the required amount of time. It is a very simple task and quite convenient also to grind the meat so quickly and that to so properly.
  2. A paste of curries- If you are a person who makes dishes with curries at home quite frequently, then the food processor is your best friend in the kitchen. It is able to process all the ingredients with a lot of ease and will give you a proper paste of the ingredients that has the exact amount of consistency that is required. If you have a non stick spray for cooking then you can spray this on your food processor, before you start with any work. This will make sure that the food processor will not get any stains.
  3. The veggies that you chop in the food processor have a great texture- You must have observed this yourself that all the veggies that you cut in the food processor have a very nice texture. These nicely textured veggies can be used to prepare great salads. The texture will undoubtedly enhance the entire appeal of the salad when it is laid out on the table.
  4. Cakes- We all love to eat homemade cakes. But the problem with them is a lot of hard-work in preparing the dough for the cake. Thanks to the food processors and other appliances such as the singer induction cooker that making and processing the dough is no tedious job at all. The food processor can grind the flour properly and make it into a perfect dough for fluffy cakes.
  5. Nuts- The food processor is also able to grind and chop really hard items like nuts also. All you have to do is put the nuts in the jar and then use the button to grind it.
  6. Smooth dressings- A lot of smooth dressings can also be prepared. All you have to do just put the ingredients and the food processor takes care of it on its own.

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