4 Trendy Kitchen Renovation Ideas You Must Try

4 Trendy Kitchen Renovation Ideas You Must Try

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The warmest space in most of the homes both literally and figuratively is the kitchen. It is the place where food is prepared with love and the whole family consumes it. The positive energy provided by the food makes the members of the family happier, healthier, enthusiastic and cheerful.

The kitchen is definitely the heart of the home. Most of the people can’t afford to stay in big houses and thus their kitchens are also small. This does not mean that they cannot have a kitchen that is a perfect balance of functionality, style and most importantly the personality of the person. All you need to do is contact a trusted renovator in your area (like if you are in Montreal, you can contact Renovco kitchen renovations) and get the things done according to your choice.

Let us see some of the trendy kitchen renovation ideas here.

  • Open and Airy Kitchen: Normally in a small apartment getting rid of kitchen walls and door and merging it with the breakfast area makes the space look big. Try having big glass windows on the outer walls to let the air and sunlight come in to give a fresh and relaxed feeling. Try this renovation if your present compact kitchen and you will soon discover how refreshing it is.
  • Multipurpose Kitchen: The urban apartments are quite small in size and thus a sleek kitchen is what you can have. But, the way you get the interiors done can make it look large and spacious. Bisect the area into cooking and dining by a smart island in the centre. This island initially provides the additional surface for food preparation and storage and later can be used as a dining table and a spot for casual hangouts.
  • Wall Length Cabinets: Having wall length cabinets provide ample storage space. Keep some open shelves at a lower height to display your crockery items. Built-in features like shelving and having a recessed range saves space and makes the interiors look classy and elegant.
  • Colour and Lighting: You can have a colourful kitchen, but if you like simple sophisticated and elegant look choose clean white moulding, which looks awesome against the crisp black granite countertops. Use contemporary light fixtures and add colour through some accessories.

These renovation ideas will revive your kitchen and the overall effect will be very soothing and relaxing.

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