4 Common Mistakes First-Time Movers Make

4 Common Mistakes First-Time Movers Make

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The average person—at least, in most parts of North America—will probably move into no less than six new residences in their lifetime.  But while moving is, apparently somewhat common, many people are terrible at moving.  Ok, maybe it is just that moving is such a random thing, most of the time, and every time you move it is a different experience: you have more things or you have more space or you simply have new things that you don’t know how to pack.

One thing is for certain, though, and that is that first time movers make a lot of unnecessary mistakes that would have been easily avoided or prevented by a more seasoned re-locator.

COMMON 1st TIMER MISTAKE #1:  Forgets to Pack For Weight

First timers often forget that you can’t just throw everything in a big box and then take it out of the house. Eventually, that box is going to be too heavy to move!  Unfortunately, many inexperienced movers do not compile a set of compatible boxes and storage containers and simply fill whatever containers they can find with whatever items will fit.  And these first-timers quickly come to find that they have to start taking a few things out.

COMMON 1st TIMER MISTAKE #2:  Packing too Quickly

Another common mistake made by inexperienced movers is simply packing too quickly.  This is similar to the first, of course, in that it is really a matter of a lack of planning.  When you pack too quickly you run the risk of packing heavy things in thin boxes, packing heavier things on top of lighter things, or simply just putting things together that should not be together.

COMMON 1st TIMER MISTAKE #3:  Packing Disorganized

The other two might fall into a simple, larger category of disorganization.  Organizing your packing ensures that you group things together according to room or need and that you not only pack things safely and effectively but that you are able to do it in timely fashion.

COMMON 1st TIMER MISTAKE #4:  Doing It All Yourself

Not only is it highly recommended that you hire ASAPmoving.ca movers, but you should do your research to make sure you find the right ones for you. Check with labor statistics, read customer reviews, and ask your friends.  Sure, price is important, but you want some assurance that you can trust these professionals with your more precious belongings.

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